Hey, Yankees fans: Are you tired of Alex Rodriguez? Of course you are. He hasn't really produced much on the field over the course of the last couple of years. And to make matters worse, he's had a bunch of off-the-field issues as well. So we don't blame you one bit if you wish A-Rod would just quit on the team and move on.

But unfortunately for you, it doesn't sound like that's going to happen. A-Rod—who is currently rehabbing his hip in the minor leagues—just talked to USA Today and revealed that he is not going to quit on the Yanks, regardless of how much hate he's receiving from a lot of their fans right now.

"I know people think I'm nuts," he said. "I know most people wouldn't want the confrontation. Most people would say, 'Get me out of here. Trade me. Do anything.' But I'm the [expletive] crazy man who goes, 'I want to compete. I want to stay in New York. I refuse to quit.' Maybe it's stupidity, I don't know, but I'm wired to compete and give my best. I have a responsibility to be ready to play as soon as I can."

There's no telling when that will be yet. But Rodriguez promises he's not going to stop until he's back in the big leagues.

"You hear all of the doubters," he said, "and that just fuels me. They don't know me. I'm not giving up. I never will. I'm not wired that way."

So we hope Yankees fans aren't too tired of Rodriguez just yet. Otherwise, it's going to be a looooooong second half of the season for them.

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[via USA Today]