Pick/Year: No. 12/2004
School: Bakersfield (HS) (Bakersfield, CA)
Team: Seattle SuperSonics
Players passed over: Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, Anderson Varajao
Stats (years in the league): 4.3 PPG 3.9 RPG 0.9 BPG (2004-2009)

Last seen being forced out of his rat hole of a home back in February, Robert Swift lived up to his last name in the sense that he was quick to exit the league. While his tattoos and hairstyle might say, "Birdman," his game was slightly more pedestrian than that. Swift's collapse as a player came about in a matter of just a few seasons with poor play and knee problems putting him out of the league by 2009. He tried to catch on with his hometown D-League team, the Bakersfield Jam, shortly thereafter, but only lasted two games before leaving the team altogether.