Pick/Year: No. 15/1999
School: Limoges (France)
Team: New York Knicks
Players passed over: Metta World Peace
Stats (years in the league): N/A (N/A)

You've probably heard the name Frederic Weis before, and it probably had something to do with the fact that his face once made intimate relations with Vince Carter's balls during the 2000 Summer Olympics. That's really the only thing that American basketball fans will remember the French big man for, having never decided to come over to the NBA, even after being drafted by the Knicks in 1999.

Oddly enough, his draft rights were traded to the Houston Rockets in 2008 for Patrick Ewing Jr. So basically what the Knicks ended up with here was Patrick Ewing's less-talented son, a center too soft to even attempt playing in the league, and no Metta World Peace. Pat yourselves on the back there, New York.