It's been no secret that the NHTSA has been on a crusade to fight cell phone use—and for good reason—since Ray LaHood took over, and it shows no signs of stopping now that he's stepped down. Two plans have been proposed to try to eliminate the estimated 3,000 yearly deaths caused by distracted driving.

Option 1: Force automakers to include a port for one's phone, and phone manufacturers to comply with said port, and require drivers to connect their phones to their cars, thus disabling them. Needless to say, the people who tweet while driving aren't going to be the ones to plug their phones into their cars. This is beyond stupid.
Option 2: Force automakers to install a proximity sensor that will make really annoying noises when cellular activity is detected in the driver's seat. This would work, and hopefully not be active when the car is stopped, because that would make us murderous with rage.

Think it will work?

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[via Wired