If there's a rising NBA star who's developing a niche for entertaining appearances off the court, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is right at the top.

Last year, Hibbert appeared on a Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Skype Scavenger Hunt" segment and then he did the "Gangman Style" dance at an Indianapolis mall. For the past few days, he's been a booth correspondent at E3 in Los Angeles, helping to promote the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts video game, which drops on November 5.

Hibbert, who is a big Call of Duty fan, has emerged as one of the funniest and most candid pro athletes around. Sometimes, even a little too honest. Who doesn't remember his post-game comments during the Pacers' playoff series against the Miami Heat?

So when Complex had the opportunity to catch up with Hibbert this past Tuesday, it was one that we couldn't pass up. In our conversation, Hibbert discussed Ghosts, the NBA Playoffs, his big block on Carmelo Anthony, his offseason training and much more.

Interview by Jared Zwerling (@JaredZwerling)

How has your E3 experience been?

It's great. The best feeling in the world. A lot of games, a lot of love. It's just fun.

Is it one of the coolest things you've done off the court?

Off the court, it's great because I'm such a fan of video games in general and I play Call of Duty online, day in and day out. So, just to be able to be associated with a company like this, it's great. 


I really like the fact that they have a dog. A German Shepherd named Riley. He's a big part of the game. It will be the first time people will be able to interact with the dog.


So, you're a booth correspondent for the game. What kinds of things are you doing?

I'm taking pictures and answering questions. I'm just a correspondent but I've been doing some interviews about the game because I got a chance to see the gameplay and stuff, so it's been fun.

What do you think about the new game? 

It's great. The franchise is always evolving; it gets better. People will really like the fact that they put their time and effort into changing the game, like when you look at the ground or the grass, it actually looks like grass. When a bomb explodes, it's going to be what it actually sounds like in the area, whether it's inside or outside.

Is there anything new about the gameplay that will surprise fans?

I really like the fact that they have a dog. A German Shepherd named Riley. He's a big part of the game. It will be the first time people will be able to interact with the dog. I'm not going to give away too much secrets, but I don't think any other game has done that before, so it will be fun.


How do like to play the game? Online? With your teammates?

I like to actually beat the game first, the actual campaign and then go online, play with my teammates and everything.

Do you bring the game with you on the road during the season?

Most hotels aren't as good as your Wi-Fi at home, so I don't bring it on the road as much, but I definitely play it at home when I get done with the road trip.

Who on the Pacers is your toughest competition?

Toughest competition? Paul George and Jeff Pendergraph are probably two of the best players on our team.

Do you guys have your own online clan? 


I don't know how I look when I'm on the court to tell you the truth, I'm just focused.


Just me and my boy. We just play. We run and gun. That's about it.

You like to play tough and physical. Does the intensity of Call of Duty ever help get you mentally prepared for your on-court approach?

I play before games here and there, if I have enough time. I have to get my pregame bath in. Honestly, when you play a lot before you go to bed, it gets you amped up and it gets you going, so I could see that. 

Do you have the same mean-looking game face when you play Call of Duty?

I don't know how I look when I'm on the court to tell you the truth, I'm just focused. 

What are some of your other favorite video games?

I like Sonic and all those types of games, and Sega Genesis. It's amazing how far gaming has come.

Outside of E3, what else have you been up to this summer so far?

I have done nothing. I've just been resting, sitting down, playing on the couch, eating good and just relaxing. I'm taking a month off, so I'll get back to work July 1.


You seem to find fun projects to do, for example, your Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Indianapolis mall appearances last year. How do you come up with those ideas?

I have ideas and people may bring stuff to me. I just try to be myself or I see something on Twitter. Social media is good like that.

Reflecting on the season, where do you think you made the biggest strides?

I think just my mental toughness. I went through an up-and-down period, but I just tried to persevere and play through it. 


I spoke to him [Jason Collins], but I'd like to keep it between me and him.


Did you ever get a chance to connect with Jason Collins after the "no homo" comments you made?

I spoke to him, but I'd like to keep it between me and him. That's about it.

What is the key for improving your game this summer?

Lifting, getting stronger, getting a little bit quicker. Those are a few big things, but I haven't really put too much thought into it right now because it's a little over a week since our season ended.

Do you usually have a main place you train?

I stay in Indiana, work out with the team and use their weight room.

We saw on Twitter that you received framed photos of your game-changing block on Melo in the playoffs. Who sent those to you?

A friend of mine in Indiana gave me the smaller one. As for the big one, the team usually gives out pictures during our exit meetings and that's the photo they gave me. I'm going to put it up on the wall in my house.

Did you get a chance to see LeBron James' block on Tiago Splitter in the Finals?

Yeah, I did. I saw it and it was a nice block.

Did you think about yours when you saw it?

Nah, I'm a fan of the game and I'm rooting for the Spurs to win it. I'm good friends with Tim Duncan. It was a good play. I root for good, clean basketball.

As you look ahead to next season, do you envision the Heat and New York Knicks as the two teams you'll have to get through again?

Next year, we'll see who they bring in and not bring in. We'll see who wins it this year. And we'll go from there.