This isn't one of those scenes from Jackass where the guys are made-up into old men and do wild shit. This is more bizarre. A 64-year-old man in Australia was arrested for attempting to steal a car when he failed to get away because it took too long to load his walker. This all went down in a the parking lot of a K-Mart, where the geezer had just bought a knife and groceries. He used his newly acquired weapon to hold up a 22-year-old woman and steal her ride. She called the cops while he failed to understand what a quick getaway is. 

There are way too many questions left unanswered. Did the old man have a kid who picked him up and scolded him? Did his "groceries" consist of a single piece of fruit in a bag? Did he go in wanting to buy the knife for car jacking, or was it one of those impulse buys? Did he tell the woman she was being disrespectful to her elders by calling the cops? SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

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[via Opposing Views]

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