People use all kinds of lame excuses when they get caught speeding. From "I'm late to work!" to "I really, really have to use the bathroom," they pull out all the stops when it comes to trying to get out of a ticket. But a man from Black Diamond, Alberta who was busted for speeding recently pulled out the worst excuse we've heard in a long time.

On Monday, the 67-year-old man made an appearance in court after he received a speeding ticket for driving 112 mph on Highway 22 in Black Diamond. And when he did, he offered up a very weird reason for why he was speeding. He said that he wasn't out to race anyone or to see how fast his car could go. Rather, he was simply trying to dry his car off after cleaning it. No, really. That was the excuse that he gave to a judge.

Not surprisingly, the excuse didn't work. The judge in the case handed the man an $800 fine for the speeding infraction and suspended him from driving for 45 days. So next time, the man might want to come up with a better excuse before he heads to the courtroom. Just a thought.

[via San Jose Mercury News]