Considering the fact that most casual NBA fans weren't familiar with Danny Green prior to the 2013 NBA Finals, the Spurs guard had one hell of a championship series. He lit the Heat up in several games, broke the record for most three-pointers in an NBA Finals, and came thisclose to taking home the Finals MVP award. But unfortunately, the only thing he's probably going to be remembered for in a few years is for getting spotted partying with LeBron James and the Heat hours after losing in Game 7 of the Finals.

That said, Green maintains that he was not out partying with the Heat. He said so on his Twitter account on Friday afternoon. And for what it's worth, King James himself came out and said the same exact thing yesterday afternoon. After catching wind of all the hoopla surrounding Green's appearance at Story nightclub on Thursday night, LBJ dropped these tweets in support of his former Cavaliers teammate:

So there you have it. We've had just about enough of this particular story, so we're willing to move on. But we do hope that other pro athletes learn something here. Specifically, that you probably shouldn't hit the town after losing a championship. You might have great intentions when you do so, but you're going to catch hell for it and cloud whatever great performance you just put up on the court or field. So stick to sending a congratulatory text or tweet. You'll save yourself from a whole lot of drama.

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[via Sports Illustrated]