If you don't follow Kobe Bryant on Twitter or use the micro blogging social media site altogether, then you probably don't know about The Black Mamba's affinity towards summing his thoughts up into hashtags. Seriously, there's just too many to point out, so head over to Bryant's account to see all the ones he's unveiled throughout the months. 

After all those unique hashtags, dare we say that Kobe's creativity is running so low that he can't come up with a good phrase to sum up his comeback froman Achilles injuryback in April? So, Kob' reached out to his followers to come up with a good slogan and the winner was @eyydylan_ who submitted "The Last Chapter."

Not bad. But sometimes, Bryant likes to incorporate "count on..." in his hashtags, so we would've expected to see #countonacomeback but that's probably too basic. Do you have something better than #thelastchapter?  

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[via For The Win]