The Phillies had plenty of reasons to celebrate their walk-off home run victory against the Mets. New York has given up one of the fewest amounts of home runs in the league (to go along with its low amount of wins), and of course the Phillies and Mets just do not get along. So when Kevin Frandsen swatted that home run to give his team the 8-7 victory, he was the hero of the day.

He certainly was shortstop Jimmy Rollins'. He was at the center of the team's celebration at home plate, and when Frandsen was completing his round, the shortstop decided to welcome him with a nice, jubilant crotch chop. Because nothing says thanks for putting the team on your back with a hand gesture round the groin area. Also, shoutouts to WWE's D-Generation X.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]