Attention, Alabama: Notre Dame football recruit Elijah Hood is not interested in attending your university. In fact, it appears as though he never even really considered it. He received all of the recruitment letters that you sent him recently. But he never opened them, and his heart is set on playing for the Fighting Irish next season.

But that's not all he wants to say to Alabama right now. He also wants 'Bama—and the 'Bama fans—to know just how much he doesn't want to be down with the Crimson Tide. So he made a Vine featuring him flushing all of the recruitment letters that he received from Alabama down the toilet and released it last night.

Unfortunately, he's since deleted the Vine. But USA Today Sports writer Mike Foss was able to capture a Vine of Hood's Vine (our minds are officially blown!) in order to show everyone exactly what Hood did with his Alabama recruitment letters:

Classy! In addition to removing the Vine, Hood also issued an apology to Alabama and their fans on Twitter earlier this morning after talking to his high school coach. But to be honest, he doesn't really seem all that sorry for what he did. Peep his heartfelt apology here:

Nothing, dude. Nothing. You sound like a pretty cool dude with a big personality. But after what Alabama did to Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game back in January, it would probably be best if you just STFU. Cool?

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[via For The Win]