Dwight Howard announced today when he'll say what team he'll be joining next season, and thankfully ESPN isn't involved. Save your celebrations and anti-Howard sentiments for July 10. This announcement is hopefully going to have way less drama than last year, when Howard waited until August to officially join the Lakers.

Speaking of the Lakers, it's looking highly likely Superman may not be returning Los Angeles. The Lakers can sign Howard July 1; other teams can sign him on the 10th. 

It's been reported that the Rockets are confident they will sign him (and who wouldn't want to watch James Harden and Howard team up). Today, Dirk Nowitzki called Howard to invite him to the Mavericks. It's hard to say which team he's more likely to join—because this is Howard we're talking about here—but it's looking like Lakers president Mitch Kupchak may have to take a rain check on that Dwight Howard statue.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]