Titus Young is officially having the worst NFL offseason ever. In early February, the Detroit Lions cut ties with their troubled receiver. Then, two weeks later, the St. Louis Rams cut him just days after signing him. And now, he's in trouble with the law. Actually, double trouble.

On Sunday, Young was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Southern California. And that in and of itself would have been enough to turn most NFL teams off to the idea of signing Young before training camp. But then, he followed that arrest up by really effing things up for himself. He reportedly got arrested just a few hours after getting arrested on suspicion of DUI by attempting to steal the Ford Mustang that he was driving before the first arrest out of an impound lot. He was charged with burglary in that case and was taken down to the police station again.

Take a look at his mugshot in the thumbs gallery above (for the record, it's the first mugshot he took on Sunday). His facial expression seems to say, "Yeah, I know, I know. I'm an idiot!" And he's right. He is an idiot. We just hope he gets some help before he's an idiot who is out of football forever.

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[via Pro Football Talk]