Date: 6/19/2005
Round: 2005 NBA Finals, Game 5
Matchup: Spurs @ Pistons
Stats: 7-for-12, 21 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists

It looked like Big Shot Rob had finally run out of steam by 2005, as the veteran had failed to score in the first half and didn't get his first hoop until the final play of the third quarter. However, once he got rolling, the 34-year-old could not miss. As the Spurs struggled to crack the Pistons' tough defense, Horry carried his team with 18 points in the fourth quarter and overtime. His final of five three-pointers came with 5.8 seconds to go in the extra period, giving him 21 points on the night and San Antonio a 3-2 series lead.