Team(s): Celtics
Playoff stats: 165 G, 16.2 PPG, 24.9 RPG, 4.7 APG, 19.4 PER
Signature game: 1962 NBA Finals, Game 7

Bill Russell played in 10 Game 7s during his illustrious career that spanned 13 seasons and earned him 11 championship rings. Ten times, he emerged victorious. His imprint was all over each one of these games, too; his best effort was undoubtedly in the 1962 Finals, when he finished with 30 points and 44 rebounds in an overtime title-clinching win. But let's not sleep on some of the others, either.

In 1957, Red Auerbach credited Russell's footsteps with forcing Bob Pettit to miss a title-winning shot. In 1960, Russell absorbed two elbows to the head but still managed 22 points and 35 rebounds. In 1966, he scored 25 points and grabbed 32 rebounds to send Auerbach off in style with the Celtics' eighth straight title. The list goes on and on, and only further exemplifies why Russell is one of the most revered players in NBA history.