This is turning into quite the soap opera, no? Less than a week after Kobe Bryant claimed that his mother stole the memorabilia she was going to sell, Pamela has responded to the accusations by filing a sworn declaration in the legal battle between Bryant and Goldin Auctions. And that's not all. Her father has also chimed in with a sworn declaration of his own, which states that Kobe told his mom, "Here mom, these are for you." And we're not finished. Apologies for sounding like an infomercial, but the Black Mamba grandmother—sidebar: shouldn't she be referred to as the "Grandma-mba? But we digress—has, according to TMZ, "filed a declaration in support of Pamela."  

Meanwhile, Kobe's sister Sharia Washington has taken the side of her brother, claiming that their mother has attempted to sell KB's memorabilia for years in an attempt to profit off of them. 

Well, good thing Christmas is seven months away because this whole Bryant family is going to need plenty of time to work out alllll their differences.  

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[via TMZ]