Karl Malone is coming back to the NBA!

After keeping his distance from the league for quite a few years now, The Mailman will reportedly join the Utah Jazz coaching staff in a limited role next season in order to help develop several of their young big men. Specifically, the Jazz would like Malone to work with Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter since both Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are going to be free agents this offseason. It's unknown how much assistance Malone will give the Jazz. But the team is looking forward to bringing him back into the mix.

"I think your involvement with our bigs is going to help us win more ball games," Jazz CEO Greg Miller told Malone during a radio interview last night.

We doubt Malone will be able to turn Favors or Kanter into stars overnight. But his involvement in their development certainly won't hurt either player. And who knows? If it goes well, maybe Malone will take on a bigger role with Utah sometime down the line. That would be good for him, good for the Jazz, and good for the league.

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[via Eye On Basketball]