J.R. Smith's main highlights in the playoffs includes this dunk in the opening game and his comeback joke against Rihanna. There isn't much else as he's shot just 30 percent this postseason.

He's aiming to make up for it next year, though, since he's hoping to return—and retire—as a New York Knick, according to his comments after yesterday's loss.

"I want to retire a Knick. I don't want to go anywhere else. I love it. I love my teammates. I love my coaches. I was sitting in the locker room looking at my jersey after the game just knowing I don't want to be anywhere else except for in the orange and blue. So we'll see."

He didn't just talk about his personal interests, though. He also addressed his poor shooting performance: "I wasn't there for my teammates...They tried to rely on me and I didn't step up."

Smith is technically a free agent this offseason, but the Knicks are expected to make re-signing him a priority. So will Swish step it up a little bit more if he's in orange and blue next season?

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[via ESPN]