Global Rallycross is one of the fastest growing, coolest, and most spectator-friendly forms of motorsport out there right now. The courses are a mix of tarmac and dirt, jumps are commonplace, and a race day is made up of a series of shorter races, rather than a grueling six hours; it's easy to get into, and you should be watching it.

The only thing GRC really needed? A feeder series and while the 600 horsepower, AWD GRC supercars are awesome, GRC Lite cars have just been announced. The GRC Lites will all be the same, so that the competition is purely about driver skill, and will produce a healthy 300 horses, which reigning champion Tanner Foust says is enough to post the same speeds through some corners as the supercars. 

Now we want to buy one and go play.

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[via Global Rallycross