Automotive journalists largely seem to be in love with sleek hatchbacks, V8 engines, and rear wheel drive. Sadly, these things almost never go together. The VW Scirocco is a sleek, front-driven I4 hatch, and the Jaguar F-Type is a read driven V8 convertible/coupe. 

According to Digital Trends, at a recent press event a Jaguar engineer, when asked about F-Type variants, said “Oh yeah, definitely. Like the shooting brake,” before a PR person shot a glare at him. This rendering was done by Garrett Bradford, an amateur car and sneaker designer, and it reportedly "shocked" the Jaguar PR team and engineers. 

Jaguar, we're begging you, let this car see the light of day. We want it.

We've reached out to Jaguar for comment, and will update this post when we get a response.

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[via Digital Trends]