The NFL really, really, really wants you to start coming to their games. They appreciate all the love they get through TV ratings. But, as attendance figures continue to drop, they're making a strong push to try and encourage fans to attend games in person. And, how are they doing it? Not by lowering the price of parking or dropping the cost of a beer. Instead, they're forcing all teams to install cameras inside of their locker rooms so that they can broadcast footage from them on stadium scoreboards.

"[The NFL] will encourage the teams to use the video of their stadium scoreboards, to give the fans who buy tickets an inside look at what goes on in the teams' inner sanctums," the New York Times reported today.

Don't worry, though: There won't be any shots of players hopping out of the shower or getting undressed in front of their lockers. The videos that will be shown will be of coaches delivering post-game speeches and players getting fired up after a game. Or, you know, the same kind of stuff that you can see on TV right from the comfort of your own home.

Nice try, NFL, but we'll pass.

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[via CBS Sports]