The Auburn Tigers football team is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. Just a couple of years after the program was investigated for allegedly paying their former quarterback Cam Newton to attend Auburn, a new report has emerged indicating that Tigers coaches changed players' grades to make sure that they were eligible to play, paid players in order to keep them from entering the NFL Draft, and committed other NCAA violations under former head coach Gene Chizik.

The report—which appears on Roopstigo—is worth a read, because it appears as though Auburn could face further NCAA sanctions if the report is true. And, while many of the players quoted in the Roopstigo report are now saying that they were misquoted or didn't say what they are alleged to have said, the belief is that the scandal runs so deep at Auburn that the players who talked to the site for the report are afraid to stand behind what they said.

Stay tuned. Something tells us that more information—or an NCAA investigation—is on the way.

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[via ESPN]