For the average pedestrian, discussing how much money they make, what they spend their money on, and how much personal items cost is a bit of a taboo. People tend to make this a private matter. In the rap world, it's the exact opposite, especially in today's Instagram-, Facebook-,  and Twitter-driven world. Social media has given rappers the opportunity to show off and prove that they are actually driving the expensive cars that they are rapping about.

Sometimes, the photos can be deceiving, due to people trying to puff up their chest at any chance they get, but you can usually tell who's trying to stunt and who is actually showing their worth. These photos have given us a sense of the tastes of the rap culture. Basically, it boils down to some American muscle, a few high-end SUVs, and a hell of a lot of supercars. Check out the cars you artists are putting their money toward with The 15 Most Popular Cars for Rappers To Own Right Now

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