And then there were four…

Here in America, we just got done sorting out our Final Four. But, overseas, the Champions League "final four" action is just getting started, as there are still four teams left in the running to play in the Champions League final. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund are all still alive and looking to make it to the finals. But only two of them will win out and advance during the Champions League semifinals (the draw for the semifinals is tomorrow).

Which two will it be? Well, we have no idea (if we were able to predict stuff like that, we would be very, very rich right now!). But we do enjoy a good debate. So we enjoyed the Champions League Final Scenarios piece that The Original Winger just provided for all of us. You can check the scenarios out over here.

Who do you want to see play in the Champions League final?

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[via The Original Winger]