Does Brittney Griner have a real chance to play in the NBA? Ehhh...we don't think so. But, one NBA player does think that, before long, we're going to see a female playing in the NBA. That player is Shane Battier, who talked about it earlier today.

"I don't know if it's Griner or if it's someone who is 5 years old right now," he said. "But, we'll see it. It'll happen in our lifetime. Just the law of averages…I don't think it would be out of the realm of possibility that [one day] we'll see a female LeBron. You could be the most skilled player in the world that the women's game has ever seen, but that won't cut it in the NBA. She'd have to be a physical specimen."

Agreed on the "physical specimen" part. But, we still think it'll take the right combination of skill, size, and luck as well as a really, really open-minded NBA team to get a female into the NBA. Never say never, but...

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[via ESPN]