Had J.R. Smith been allowed to play in Game 4 of the Knicks/Celtics series, he feels as though New York would have swept Boston right out of the playoffs. After practice earlier today, he revealed that the only reason the Celts were able to win on Sunday was because he was suspended for elbowing Jason Terry in Game 3 of the series.

"Oh yeah, it would've been over," he said. "I'd have been playing golf today."

Swish also refused to acknowledge who Terry was when he was asked about him by reporters.

"Who?" he said. "I don't even know who that is."

And, finally, he revealed the one lesson that he learned from his one-game suspension.

"Yeah," he said, "don't throw elbows."

Ha. Game 5 is tomorrow night in New York. After these comments, it should be a hell of a game.

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[via ESPN Boston]