Do you remember when Chris Duhon played for the Knicks? Uhhhhhhh…yeah, us either. But, once upon a time, the former Dukie did suit up for the Knicks. And, apparently, he also helped settle a $50,000 bet at a New York City gym just weeks before he signed with the Magic in 2010 and skipped town.

It's a little bit difficult to sum up exactly how the bet got started and what role Duhon played. So you can read about it for yourself over here. But it seems as though Duhon was basically paid a shitload of money to show up at a New York City gym and play one-on-one in order to settle a bet between two guys who had way too much money on their hands. From the sound of things, Duhon didn't play all that well and lost art mogul Hillel Nahmad (who got indicted for allegedly running an illegal gambling ring recently) a ton of money before quickly unlacing his sneakers and hitting the road.

But, like we said, you should check out the whole story for yourself to read all the details. Assuming it's true, it's one hell of a story.

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