If you have a top ten list of people you'd want narrating if there was a documentary done on your life, chances are Al Michaels would be on it. The man became a legend commentating on Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and the famous "Miracle on Ice" United States/Soviet Union hockey game. It's not just about his history, either; Michaels has a pretty damn good voice.

It wasn't good enough to get him out of trouble with the law earlier this weekend. After failing a few sobriety tests and scoring a .08 and .09 on two breathalyzer tests (legal limit is .08), Michaels was arrested by Santa Monica police for DUI on Friday night. He was released from jail at 4:15 a.m. on Saturday. Sources said Michaels "could not have been nicer throughout the ordeal," so it's great to see that a stand-up guy lies behind one of sports' most definitive voices.

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[via TMZ]