Do you recognize the BMW in this video? If so, the Beverly Hills Police Department wants to holler at you.

Back on April 3, the driver of the BMW mowed down a cyclist in an alley in Beverly Hills. He did it because the cyclist had allegedly gotten into an altercation with him earlier in the day. And, while the cyclist didn't suffer any major injuries during the hit-and-run incident, the driver of the car is going to be in deep trouble when the police catch up with him because of what took place in the alley.

As you can see in the clip—which was captured by a surveillance camera in the area and released this week—the driver purposely rammed his car into the cyclist, pinned him into a garbage bin, and then dragged him for a short distance after throwing the car in reverse. The cyclist could have been seriously injured or even killed during the confrontation. This was a tragedy waiting to happen.

We've all seen road rage in the past. But most of us have never seen it like this. Somebody get this guy off the road.

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[via Grind TV]