In the middle of an endless road trip the last thing on your mind is healthy eating. When you are in your car, you are the king of your tiny automotive kingdom, and damn it, you deserve that one snack that will make the problems of the world melt away.

In the car, you are usually by yourself or with your most trusted allies. Nobody that cares will find out if you have that bag of chips, that stack of cookies or that corndog that you know has been sitting there for days. We spent some time thinking about the snacks that have gotten us through those endless hours of staying in between the white and yellow lines.

These are the snacks that helped us prepare for the visit with the lady's parents. These are the treats that we housed to numb the pain of driving home from vacation. These are the foods that have given us that dose of short-term, fatty, sugary energy that no amount of salad could ever hope to provide. These are the 25 Best Gas Station Snacks.

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