When: 1984-1996

Those of you who got the chance to watch the recent 30 for 30 documentary, 9.79, can get the true feeling for how track and field was ran in the '80s. In the documentary you get the chance to get into the minds of many of the major contenders of that day and age, including Lewis and Ben Johnson. In the piece, throughout interviews and investigations, it's noted Lewis was never disqualified for PED use. But many of his opponents admitted to using and he, without a doubt, would have to test his physical abilities against them. Lewis did admit to failing three tests before the 1988 Olympics but it was ruled "inadvertent" use which allowed him to still compete. Some say it was a positive that was pushed under the rug to make the Games more successful while others believed the "inadvertent" claim.

Vedict: Based on the failed drug test due to "inadvertent" use and the sheer number of other athletes that were using drugs, we can't help but believe Lewis was juicing. It was his stance to rid the sport of doping, but it almost seems impossible for somebody to remain that good against guys who are using PEDs without using them himself. Not to mention the fact that one of the side effects of growth hormone is a jaw disorder which prompted a lot of runners to get braces as adults. Lewis sported railroad tracks on his way to Olympic gold.