Remember the news that came out about how Pamela Evette Smith was suing Michael Jordan for child support? You know? The news that came out this past week? Well we still don't really have a response from His Airness, but we found out more about Miss Smith. Her Twitter bio says she's "America's Hottest Love Expert/ Loveologist/Relationship Coach/Author Professional Speaker, Men/Women Issue." Yep, the person who's suing for child support is a sex and relationship expert.

This New York Post article also revealed Smith's previous court issues involved tax: 

Until suing Michael last month, most of Smith’s run-ins with the Fulton County Superior Court had come from two Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in 2008, records show.

She has a longstanding history of tax liens, including $1,378 in 1999, $2,704 in 2002, $1,349 in 2006, and $1,157 in 2007 — all of which went to collections before Smith managed to pay at the last minute, records show.

So is this suit really for her son's well-being? Plus, what the heck's the criteria to be considered a relationship expert?

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[via Black Sports Online]