Remember the Maserati MC-12? It was the Maserati version of the Ferrari Enzo that was homologated for racing and kicked some serious ass on track. Only 50 were sold.

Now Maserati is looking at doing the same thing, and building a small run of hypercars based on the LaFerrari. There will be more than just body differences this time, though. The hybrid system will be cut, and the car will be powered either by a modified version of the LaFerrari's 6.3L V12 or a quad-turbo version of the Quattroporte's V8, which would make around 900 hp. The Maserati hypercar will no doubt be a bit less powerful and a bit slower than the LaFerrari, by Ferrari's demand, but it should also be lighter, which might make it more fun. 

The biggest advantage the Maserati will have over its sibling: it won't be called "LaFerrari."

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[via CAR