We named the Jaguar E-Type as one of the sexiest cars ever made, and we dare you to try to disagree with us. While it drives brilliantly, and looks fantastic, the problem that it has is that it was wired by the English, who, for whatever reason, were absolutely rubbish when it comes car electrics for a decade or two. If you do buy an E-Type, it might be a beautiful car, and you might love driving it, but only if you can get it to start.

That's where this comes in: the Lyonheart K. It's basically a lightly updated E-Type that has been designed and engineered by the Swedish, who are delightfully anal-retentive about these sorts of things, is powered by a Cosworth-tuned 5.0L superchaged V8 that produces 575 hp, and, for heritage reasons, proudly build in Coventry, England. 

0-60 will take 3.9 seconds, and it will average 19 mpg. Lyonheart says that every part of the interior can be customized, and we think it had damn well better be personalized listed at about $484,000.

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[via Left Lane News]