Are you shocked by what Florida Gulf Coast University has been able to do in the 2013 NCAA Tournament? You're not alone. No one—and we do mean no one—saw them upsetting Georgetown and San Diego State this weekend to become the first No. 15 seed in NCAA Tournament history to advance to the Sweet 16. After all...WHAT THE $^%& IS A FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY?!?!

Oh, sorry. We're still a little salty about the Eagles doing major damage to some of our brackets. But, that doesn't mean that we didn't still enjoy the video that you see above. It's by a couple of artists named Black Magic and Bambi, and it's called "Dunk City," which is the nickname that FCGU is using now. And, after seeing this video, it's clear that the name fits them pretty well. Check it out and see for yourself.

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