Guys and gals! Did you hear? The oversized soda ban in NYC was overturned. That means we can go back to drinking as much sugar-packed, color-infused, corn syrup-pumped liquid as we want. It's great, right? Who are they to try to tell us how we live our lives. If we like something, we should be able to have as much of that something as we want. We nearly ate our cereal in pop this morning just to prove a point. Then we realized our dog was the only one who would have known.

To celebrate the lift of this obnoxious restriction, we've compiled a gallery centered around the most iconic soda company on the planet: Coca-Cola. If there is an item on this earth, there's a good chance that you'll be able to find it somewhere branded in Coke livery. This certainly applies to rides, as we have examples of bikes, cars, buses, motorcycles and even scooters. Go to your local corner store, grab a bottle, and look at these 25 Classic Coca-Cola-Themed Rides That Will Make You Thirsty