Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are not on the same page right now. Although neither of them has come out and admitted it yet, all you need to do is read between the lines of some recent comments made by Kobe to see that they're not really getting along out in Laker Land. But, have things really gotten this bad?

Apparently, Bryant and Howard have such a frosty relationship right now that they're even being covered by—get this—the New York Post's Page Six! Page Six is usually reserved for scandalous stories about musicians and movie stars. But, earlier today, they posted a piece about how Howard reportedly took Kobe's uniform and put it on before the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday and imitated Kobe in front of the likes of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. And then, when Kobe showed up, he reportedly said hi to everyone except Howard, picked up his stuff, and sat far, far away from his Lakers teammate in the locker room.

Did any of that actually happen? Who knows! But, what we do know is that we aren't going to be surprised at all when Bryant and Howard's "break-up" is announced on the front of People next week. This whole situation has just gotten out of control and someone out there in L.A. needs to do whatever it takes to make it stop.

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