Trade: Philadelphia 76ers get Jeff Malone and a 1994 1st Round Draft pick (B.J. Tyler); Utah Jazz get Jeff Hornacek, Sean Green, and a 1995 2nd Round Draft pick (Junior Burrough).
Date: 2/24/1994

Before Jeff Hornacek came to Utah, they were already a good team. Karl Malone and John Stockton were the ultimate tandem, but the Jazz seemed to struggle in the playoffs only making it out of the first round five times in ten seasons. After acquiring Hornacek, they made it out of the first round six out of the seven seasons he was there, including two NBA Finals appearances against the Chicago Bulls. Jeff Malone on the other hand was on his way out of the league dealing with injuries and old age, and Philadelphia wouldn't make the playoffs again until 1999. Guess that face rub Hornacek did during free throws worked.