Trades are a part of the game. As virtually every player says, "it's a business." The trade deadline is where all of this reaches to a head and gives pretenders the glimmer of hope of being contenders, and allows teams that want to tank to sell everything except the kitchen sink. These trades can change the landscape of the association for years to come and set off a chain-reaction of trades and fan discussion. Deadline deals have such a unique feel to them because they happen instantly, with  the players involved having to play for their new team the next day. By the time February starts, the trade machine revs up and excitement ensues, but some of these deals just plain don't make any sense. Some trades are so ridiculously one-sided, and some are awful on both sides that you wonder if Isiah Thomas has something to do with every deadline deal. From the trade that brought Clyde Drexler to the Houston Rockets, to the trade that netted the Lakers, Pau Gasol, here are the Worst Trade Deadline Deals in NBA History.

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