Years Played: 1978-1985
All Time Stats: 9,407 Rushing Yards, 74 Rushing TDs, 4.3 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 1979 NFL MVP, 5x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro

Campbell is another guy who's stats may not jump out at you, but when you realize he only played eight seasons with two of them plagued with injury, he was an all time great. Earl rushed for 1,934 yards his third season in the league, when he only played 15 games! Some even think he could have went to the NFL straight out of high school which is just a testament for how much of a phenom he really was. You can't watch old highlights and not wonder why he didn't do more in the league, but then you see Campbell dust off 4 dudes and instantly stop caring about anything else.