Almost the entire country hates Manti Te'o right now. And, we're not making that up. According to a recent Nielsen survey, most of the people in America hate the Notre Dame linebacker. About a month ago, 88 percent of people polled said that Te'o "appealed" to them. But, today, only 15 percent of the people polled say Te'o still "appeals" to them in light of his recent scandal. So, if you take a look at his Twitter mentions, Te'o's account @MTeo_5 is routinely bombarded with hatred from fellow Twitter users and jokes about his fake relationship with "Lennay Kekua."

With that in mind—and with the 2013 NFL Draft just a couple months away—Te'o just went ahead and deleted his Twitter account. An anonymous source spoke to ESPN's Darren Rovell yesterday and revealed that Te'o is stepping away from Twitter indefinitely to prepare for the NFL Draft and, presumably, to steer clear of all the negativity surrounding his name on the social networking site. And, that's probably for the best.

Now stop directing your lame Catfish jokes @MTeo_5 and go find someone else to pick on, okay?

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[via ESPN]


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