J.R. Smith was pretty much a winner yesterday, and it's pretty easy to forget he was the exact opposite the day before. Smith did a plethora of jerklike things when the Pacers mercied the Knicks 125-91, which included trying to instigate a fight with Lance Stephenson, disrespecting the ref as he was ejected in the third quarter, and wearing his headphones during the post-game interview.

The Knicks' coaches didn't take to kindly to that, according this New York Post article. Head coach Mike Woodson was quoted saying, “I’m not happy about how we played and how we carried ourselves professionally on the basketball court. We can’t do that. I’m not going to tolerate that. I’m just not." Also, "mild-mannered" assistant coach Herb Williams got in an argument with Smith during that game. He demanded Smith take off his headphones during the interview, too. The article said Smith obeyed while Williams "shook his head in disgust as he walked away."

In other words, J.R. Smith was just being J.R. Smith.

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