Forget winning in the future. The Nets want to win now. So, although they're 27-22 on the season and sitting comfortably in second place of the NBA Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division, the Nets are still trying to make moves in order to try and become a legitimate contender for the crown this year.

Late last week, that included talking to the Bobcats about possibly sending Nets forward Kris Humphries from Brooklyn to Charlotte in exchange for Ben Gordon. But, they're trying to land an even bigger player now. According to multiple reports, the Nets are in talks with the Hawks trying to work out a deal that would help them land Atlanta forward Josh Smith. At the present moment, it sounds like they're interested in giving up Humphries as well as guard MarShon Brooks for Smith. But, sources say that that trade offer is too low and that Atlanta would want Brooklyn's first-round pick in the 2013 NBA Draft in addition to Humphries, Brooks, and possibly a third player for Smith. 

Is Smith the right guy for the Nets? That obviously remains to be determined. But, at the very least, their pursuit of him once again proves that Brooklyn is ready to try and make a run at the NBA championship right now, regardless of what they have to give up in order to do it. Stay tuned to see if this deal gets done before the NBA trade deadline on February 21.

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[via ESPN New York]