Let's do a quick Sprint Cup Series side-by-side comparison between Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon


JJ: 400
JG: 690


JJ: 61
JG: 87

Top-5 Finishes:

JJ: 167
JG:  298

Championship Wins: 

JJ: 5 (20062007200820092010)
JG: 4 (1995199719982001) 


JJ: $117,126,541
JG: $128,359,079 

These stats surely would bring out the biggest NASCAR debaters on the planet, as they try to argue a definitive way to explain that one is better than the other. Sure Gordon has more Top-5s, more wins, but Johnson has nearly as much money and has one more championship victory in 260 less race starts. Don't worry. We've found the definitive way: Whoever has the better Harlem Shake dance video is clearly the better driver. Watch them below. 

Jeff Gordon's Video aka the Original NASCAR Harlem Shake Video

and ... 

Jimmie Johnson's Stunt-On-Everybody, Daytona 500 Victory-Themed Harlem Shake Video

See? Pretty clear Jeff's is better. Well, I mean, Jimmie's -- ah shit, who are we kidding? This just fuels the fire even more. Gordon's was first, he has more people, he has both of his cars in the background, and has more than 5,000,000 views. BUT, Johnson's on the Daytona track, he's got his massive trailer in the background, he's in his uniform, there's a dirt bike involved, and he's got the Daytona 500 trophy. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DECIDE?!