It's hard to not like Victor Cruz: he makes great commercials, he dances, and he's actually a pretty good receiver (he led his team in receiving yards for two years straight). But the fact of the matter is he's still the Giants' No. 2 receiver. Despite his prior injuries, New York is working on securing Nicks for a long-term deal with one year remaining in his current contract.

The Giants didn't completely throw shade on Cruz even though they are focusing on securing Nicks. Owner John Mara said the organization "certainly want him back, but like with any player, there's a limit to where we're going to go. He's been a terrific player for us, he's a fan favorite, he does a lot for our franchise, but there is a limit."

If anything, this might be more motivation for Cruz. And more motivation may mean more trips to the endzone, which means of that salsa dance. Who doesn't want that?

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[via ESPN]