By now everybody should know about Chris Bosh. He's that forward who does awkward stuff like this, and gets done like this, in addition to actually being a pretty good NBA player. He's also pretty good with the young guns...well at least the young guns over at the University of Miami anyways. Back in 2011, the now No. 2 Hurricanes were just a middling team, which was something Bosh didn't take too kindly too. He met up with the players that summer to drop some knowledge, according to head coach Jim Larranaga:

“It was the best five-minute talk I’ve ever heard,” Larranaga said.osh began by saying how difficult it was to live with the regret of not playing well enough against Dallas in the championship series and how he planned on “killing himself” during the offseason to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Bosh, Larranaga said, then turned his attention to UM’s players.

“He said, ‘You guys don’t work hard enough. You don’t deserve the success you’d like to have. You can’t compete at the highest level of college basketball with the effort that you’re giving,’” Larranaga recalls Bosh saying. “It was just music to my ears because that was the message we were trying to deliver. Coming from Chris Bosh, it meant a whole lot to the team.”

Two years later, the Hurricanes are 22-3 and undefeated in the Atlantic Coast Conference. We imagine Bosh gave the team one of these faces as he was speaking. Then again, probably not. 

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[via Sports Grid]