The Bobcats have been trying hard to trade Ben Gordon this week, and now we know why. According to league sources who spoke to Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski recently, Gordon and his head coach Mike Dunlap were involved in an argument on Monday morning during a shootaround prior to a game against the Celtics. The sources say that Gordon was dribbling a basketball while Dunlap was trying to explain something, which promoted the coach to ask the sharpshooter to stop. But, Gordon reportedly refused to do so and told the coach to "humble himself." Eventually, he threw the ball in the direction of a ball rack—but not before things got very tense at the practice and Bobcats GM Rod Higgins had to step in to cool both Gordon and Dunlap off.

The team didn't suspend Gordon, because that would have obviously made him less attractive to other teams. But, now it seems that they're trying to get whatever they can for him before next Thursday's NBA trade deadline. Soooo…Any takers?

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[via Yahoo! Sports]