There are different types of struggle when it comes to athletes. There's your "Damn, hate it had to be him struggle" and your "C'mon son" struggle. Vince Young is a "C'mon son" struggle, and it's an ongoing thing. Apparently the fallen quarterback took out a $1.9 million during the NFL lockout, which he's disputing. Young's ridiculous defense is that he never read the documents for the loans. He isn't even sure if he signed the papers: “All I know is I probably could have signed some of them, and I feel like some of them are fishy.”

You'd figure someone would make such a mistake if $1.9 million was a small amount, which it would be if it was someone who was rich. You know, someone who is not Vince Young.

As for his reason for making such a mistake: "I went to sign some papers that my financial adviser asked me to go over and sign, but I don’t remember what it was. I’d just go and sign and get out of there.”

Like we said, it's a "C'mon son" type of struggle.

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[via Pro Football Talk]