NFL players are tough guys. Don't believe it? Just read Dan Le Batard's latest piece in the Miami Herald. It's all about former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor and the injuries he suffered during his playing days. And, it's unlike anything you've ever read. It features him talking about getting shots in his feet that were so painful that the doctor used to hand him a towel to muffle his screams. It features him recounting a story about the time he almost had to get his leg amputated after a game. And, it features him recalling a trip to the doctor's office that left him lying in the parking lot outside, unable to move because of a herniated disk in his back. Warning: It is NOT for the squeamish. But, if you want to know what NFL players go through just to make it onto the field on Sunday, it's a must-read. Check it out over here now.

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[via Miami Herald]