Sport: Soccer
Best Year: 2002
Worst Year: 2008
Best Year Achievements: Scores a goal in all but one World Cup match, leading Brazil to the title
Worst Year "Achievements": Caught with three transvestite prostitutes

One of the most prolific scorers in the history of soccer, Ronaldo had a career that many would dream of. He hoisted the World Cup trophy in 2002, leading his Brazil squad with eight goals in the tournament and failing to score in only one game. He attempted to come back for the 2006 tournament, but was ridiculed throughout the world for being overweight and slow; it clearly showed on the field, as Ronaldo lacked the burst that made him such a great player before. He hit his low in 2008, when he was caught with three transvestite prostitutes whom Ronaldo alleges wanted to extort him. Sure.